• We Are.

    An all natural dry skin and bath care line. Created with clean ingredients and focused strictly on dry skin, chemically sensitive skin and inflammation.

  • Our Why.

    Formulated by first time parents, due to our daughter developing severely dry, itchy & inflamed skin. Handcrafted and made in small batches.

  • Ingredients Matter.

    Our key ingredients are oatmeal, shea butter , cocoa butter, chamomile, turmeric & sunflower oil. Ingredients that ensure a rich moisturizer for packing hydration back into the skin and assisting itch.

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To give you strength, courage and comfort. It's ok if your skin needs extra love and attention.

You are more than your skin. Lets start here and work our way up.

Is skincare all I need?

Our Book: Sol Allergy Table

This is a quick, easy nutrient guide to navigate daily nutrition goals while dealing with rampant food allergies.

Focusing on alternative food sources, you will find food substitutes, nutrient values, daily recommended nutrient goals, meal ideas and daily meal diary sheets.

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