This line was a direct result of our daughters severe skin condition and chemical sensitivities. Out of need and for her comfort we are passionate about clean skincare targeting severely dry skin and inflammation.

Our line focuses on comfort first and using minimal ingredients. This way it is easy to do a process of elimination if needed. One of the hardest hurdles is figuring out what you may be reacting to. A long laundry list of ingredients do not help. This is why we made it a point to keep everything simple.

About Us

We noticed Sun’s eczema around 4 months old. At that time it was pretty mild. However it was soon apparent that Sun’s eczema was more than we could have imagined. Doctors initially were not concerned and told us they had seen worse.

Time went on and we had tried OVER 30 creams and lotions, oils you name it. We had seen many doctors and had been told the same thing, it’s not that bad or just given a steroid cream.

”I remember one week we had been to the ER and urgent care twice due to it being so bad. Her whole face was swollen. She was given medicine and sent home.”

We felt strongly about allergies being a strong source of the outrageous flareups, from monitoring when she would flare, but allergies were almost completely written off. We also felt that she had a substantial amount of environmental and chemical triggers. It all seemed so overwhelming…..we couldn't find products on retail shelves that were natural or effective enough for her to use. The creams we were prescribed had many chemicals.

As a mother I just wanted to do what was best for my child.

I needed to find a doctor that would listen and HEAR me…..”

We transferred pediatrics again, and was finally granted an allergy panel. What we found was astonishing. Sun was not only battling severe dry skin….but more than the top 8 allergies. We found she is allergic to peanuts, walnuts, wheat, soy, dairy, egg yolks, shellfish, shrimp, cod, animals (cats & dogs) and more. 

This was all on top of reacting severely to chemicals. This is why Sol Oats was born. 

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These products were created to provide natural deep skin hydration, while helping itch and inflammation without toxins.

You should work with a doctor of choice for healing of any disease or medical condition. Home care is only a part of the process.

Sol Oats is for adults and families in the same position who are looking for a natural skincare line for severely dry skin and inflammation. No chemicals, no side effects.  Lets walk together. #soloats #ourstory