• We were applying creams religiously but saw little improvement.

    We noticed that no matter what cream or medication we used, her skin would not improve much. It was a yoyo effect. It would improve a small amount and get worse again within a few days. There was always a constant flare, almost every day.

  • She would swell and flare after meal times. Certain chemical products would make it worse. Her skin was always extremely itchy.

    Her skin was still so bad after a year of medication. We desperately started to look at what was going in her body and on her body on the daily. Synthetic washes, preservatives, etc, would make her itchy in the bath. This is when we addressed the allergy panel and typical household products. We also paid attention to her environment as she was allergic to dust and mold, etc.

  • When improving, we noticed she would be clear one day and upon contact with certain things, she would flare again.

    For example if she had something with a food dye, candy, Tylenol, etc. she would flare. If she spilled milk or it touched her skin, at the point of contact she would flare. On a high allergy day she would flare. For us, it is so much more than just her skin. It's everything. Time has taught us that we have to pay attention to more than just the skin for her comfort. That's all we can focus on.

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